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Who can use the Hospice services?

St. Vincent’s Hospice offers care for all those in Renfrewshire and surrounding areas who are affected by life-limiting illness.

How can I be referred to the Hospice?

Patients can be referred to the Hospice by their GP, Hospital Consultant, Specialist Palliative Care Nurse, Community Nurse, or by self-referral to certain services, with the agreement of the family doctor.

GPs can refer electronically via SCI Gateway.

The form should be completed, outlining the main problems with copies of relevant letters. Urgent referrals can be made by telephone with documents sent at a later date. All referrals are scored and prioritised using the Palliative Outcome Scale. This is why it is important that as much information can be provided at the time of referral to avoid delays in responding to a patient's needs.

Completed referral forms should be emailed to or posted to:

Dr Mairi-Clare McGowan
St Vincent's Hospice
Midton Road

Tel. 01505 705635

How long am I likely to be in the Hospice?

The average stay for patients at St. Vincent’s Hospice is 13 days, with over half of our patients leaving to continue their care in the comfort of their own homes.

What are the visiting times?

Visitors, including children, are welcome between 2pm and 8pm (and at other times by arrangement). Visitors should enter by the Main Reception and report to the receptionist on duty. After 5pm and at weekends, access to the Hospice is by secure door entry system.

What are the meal times?

Meals are served to suit particular patients’ needs, however, the usual meal times are:

Breakfast at 8.30am
Morning Tea at 10am
Lunch at 12.45pm
Afternoon Tea at 3pm
Evening meal at 5pm

Snacks are available at all times.

What do I need to bring with me?

Patients should bring their own clothes, nightwear, toiletries, preferred drinks, and snacks.

Patients may also bring personal belongings e.g. photographs etc. which can be kept in their locker. A locked drawer is available for private use within the patient's own room if required. The Nurse in Charge will provide the key for your use. No responsibility can be accepted for valuables, belongings or monies. Any items of value may be handed to the Nurse in Charge for deposit in the Hospice safe, and a receipt will be issued. Patients should ensure they bring all current medication whether or not it has been prescribed by their family doctor.

What facilities are there for visitors?

Visitors to the Hospice can purchase tea, coffee and light refreshments from the Barn Tearoom. Within the Hospice there are two quiet areas for family and patient use. Four of our eight single rooms have facilities for families to stay overnight.

Can my family meet with the Hospice staff?

Telephone enquiries regarding the condition of patients are welcome at any time - day or night - although it would be appreciated if there is a large circle of family or friends, to co-ordinate calls. Family visitors are encouraged to make themselves known to the staff who are eager to help and ensure relatives are involved in the patient's care. 

What arrangements exist for laundry?

Due to limited laundry facilities, all personal laundry should be laundered at home. The Hospice cannot accept responsibility for items laundered by staff.

How much will I have to pay?

St. Vincent’s Hospice’s services are offered free of charge to all patients.

How is the hospice funded?

It costs £6,000 per day to provide the Hospice services, over 50% of which comes from voluntary donations. St. Vincent’s Hospice depends on the generosity of the community to enable us to provide care for all.

How can I volunteer for the Hospice?

We have a wide range of volunteering opportunities, details of which can be found in the volunteering section of this website at, or by contacting our Volunteer Co-ordinator Christine Haddock by telephone on 01505 705635 or by email at

What do you sell in the St. Vincent's Hospice shops?

In our shops we sell a wide range of good quality women's, men's and children's clothing, along with bedding, shoes, handbags, bric-a-brac, DVDs, CDs etc.

We also sell electrical goods which are PAT tested prior to display.

Donations of gift sets and other unwanted presents are used to fundraise throughout the year, both in our shops and at Hospice events.

We also sell quality donated furniture items at our Barn Tearoom on Midton Road, Howwood. Our Hospice van and driver, supported by volunteers, uplift items of furniture from homes around the Renfrewshire area.

Any donation of furniture is gratefully received. Please contact Flo Ferguson on 01505 705635 for further information or to arrange collection of your donation of furniture.

How do I contact St. Vincent's Hospice?

You can contact St. Vincent’s Hospice by telephone on 01505 705635 or by email at a"> You can also visit our Facebook page at or follow us on Twitter at @StVincentsHosp