St. Vincent's Hospice Howwood views

“It’s important that people know that the hospice is for everyone. People also don’t realise that it
isn’t somewhere you go to die. You go to remember you are still living and that you have a lot of
support at your back.”
Tessa McIntyre

“St Vincent’s Hospice treats patients with respect and dignity. They make you feel like you are
important to them. It is like someone throwing their arms around you.”
Kay Garrick

“The worst part is to say goodbye to your family. I suppose what saved us as a family was the
hospice, a chance to talk about life and death.”
Fiona and Gordon Cook

“The care they gave was unbelievable. It is one of the few places where people really are given a
totally holistic approach to their illness. What people don’t realise is that you don’t necessarily come
into a hospice for the last time.
David Roser

“The privileged feelings I experienced helping patients with their medical needs will stay with me
Student Nurse

“As a society we don’t do very well in facing up to the reality of our demise. The hospice is doing
something rather unique – it helps people who are facing the end of their lives.”
Alexander Stoddart, Ambassador

“St Vincent’s staff involved themselves with us, they took a holistic view: the hospice gives
unconditional love.”
Kay Garrick

“St Vincent’s Hospice treated me like one of their own, and I really feel they are my family.”
Mohammed Jabar

“I don’t know what I would do without St Vincent’s Hospice, they are not people – they are angels.
The hospice kept me going and my spirits are sky high. The work they do is unbelievable.”
Eric Burns

“It’s about making every moment matter.”
Staff Member