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A New Way to Care

Tuesday 04th June 2019

This Volunteers Week, St. Vincent’s Hospice has unveiled a new way for people to get involved and support their charity, with the introduction of their official Ambassador Programme.

As a specialist provider of palliative and hospice care for people and families affected by life-limiting conditions, St. Vincent’s has recruited their first batch of compassionate and committed supporters to take up the role of Ambassador. These individuals will play a vital role in helping to raise awareness and support for the charity continue to develop their services.

Volunteer Services Manager at St. Vincent’s Hospice, Elaine Grealey, said: “Volunteers Week 2019 is all about celebrating the countless hours of hard work offered by people across the UK which makes the work of so many charities possible. At St. Vincent’s, we know just how valuable this contribution is, with more than 200 volunteers every year helping us continue to provide care for Renfrewshire and beyond.

“However, we know that not everyone has the time to dedicate a few hours each week, but may still have the passion, skills, contacts or stories which can be invaluable for helping us raise support for the Hospice. That’s where our Ambassadors come in.”

Acting as nominated representatives of St. Vincent’s in the community, with no minimum time commitment each week and no expectation to be involved in the day to day running of the Hospice.

Elaine added: “This is the perfect opportunity for someone who is looking to give something back, and is looking for a place to start. So whether you are a long - time supporter or just think you can make a difference, please get in touch.”

Some ways Ambassadors can help out the Hospice include:

  • Attending or speaking at public events on behalf of the Hospice
  • Running awareness, networking or fundraising events
  • Agreeing to share personal experiences via articles, videos etc.
  • Undertaking your own personal challenge or taking part in an event on behalf of our Hospice

While it may seem daunting to learn about everything the Hospice does, not only will they provide support and information materials, but St. Vincent’s are happy for the public to select one service which is special to them and champion it.

More information on the Ambassador Programme can be found at:

A New Way to Care