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Local Hero Raises more than £12,600 for St. Vincent's

Monday 08th June 2020

Drawing inspiration from his namesake, Lochwinnoch’s own Tom Moore has raised more than £12,600 for St. Vincent’s Hospice by completing a lockdown marathon in his back garden.

Tom, 70, is a long-time supporter of the Hospice who decided to take on the challenge in memory of his wife Anne who was not only cared for by the Hospice, but was a much loved volunteer as part of their team in the local community for many years.

Discussing the challenge, Tom said: “When I saw what Captain, now Colonel, Tom Moore was doing I was so over awed with it that I felt I had to do something. I went out and paced out my garden and discovered to my astonishment that it was exactly 100 yards. So, initially I was doing a 10K. Then that went up to a half marathon. Then that turned into a full marathon. I certainly couldn’t run it, or do it all in one go, so I set out to finish it over the course of seven days and all the money raised will go to St. Vincent’s Hospice.”

St. Vincent’s Hospice is a specialist provider of palliative care for people and families all across Renfrewshire who have been affected by a life-limiting condition.

Not content for this to be just any old “walk”, Tom then decided to put his own twist on things: completing his circuits every day in a new item of fancy dress.

He said: “The idea became that each day I’d do it in a different fancy dress. Something that meant something to me, and that would hopefully bring a smile to people’s faces.”

With an overwhelming response from the local community and catching the attention of the country’s media, Tom’s total raised skyrocketed past the initial £500 target to more than £12,600.

After posting films of him each day and acting as his unofficial “Media Manager” his daughter, Laura, said: “The hardest part of the whole challenge was not being able to be with Dad, and give him a hug. But now that it’s done, we feel so privileged to have such amazing friends and family that have helped spread the challenge so far and wide.

“Honestly, it shows the legacy that our mum has left. She is so missed, and we are all so happy to have been able to do this for a cause so close to all of our hearts in her memory. St. Vincent’s is a service you hope you would never need, but if you do it’s amazing to have.”

Tom added: “To everyone who has donated, thank you so much. It has been overwhelming. We know how good and how important the cause is, and with everything that is happening, all their events stopped and were cancelled. This has a huge effect on the money they are able to generate, so they need our support both today, and in the future!”

Chief Executive of St. Vincent’s Hospice, Kate Lennon, said: “We cannot say a big enough thank you to Tom and his entire family for absolutely unbelievable fundraising effort.

“With the current pandemic, we have developed new ways of working and implemented more nursing care in the community  to support as many people in their own homes across Renfrewshire as possible. Quite simply, this is only possible thanks to amazing gestures of generosity and kindness just like this.

“For years, the entire Moore family have been amazing supporters of our Hospice, going above and beyond to organise events, raise awareness, volunteer and do everything they can to help us care for those in our community who need our services.

“On behalf of all of us at St. Vincent’s Hospice, from the bottom of our hearts, we want to say thank you to Tom, his family, and everyone who contributed to this incredible effort. This will make such a difference to so many people when they need it most.”

Local Hero Raises more than £12,600 for St. Vincent's