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Renfrewshire Bereavement Network

Tuesday 18th August 2020

Renfrewshire Bereavement NetworkLocal organisations collaborate to pilot a new grief and bereavement service for families in Renfrewshire.

COVID-19 has been with us since early in the year - with most of 2020 being spent under lockdown conditions. The full impact of the virus is still not known - but we do know that many more people than normal have lost loved ones or are experiencing levels of grief or hardship that were not anticipated only months ago.

In recognition of this, local organisations have this week come together to pilot a new grief and bereavement service for families in Renfrewshire. The pilot launches today, (18 August 2020) and is initially scheduled to run for a six-month period, until 18 February 2021.

The group of organisations, known as the Renfrewshire Bereavement Network, includes local hospices Accord and St. Vincent’s, as well as the Renfrewshire Health & Social Care Partnership (HSCP), Renfrewshire Council and RAMH.

Collectively, the Network aims to provide support to people in the Renfrewshire area who are experiencing loss or dealing with grief - by offering access to the most appropriate advice, guidance and counselling available – all from a single point of access.

People who need support will be able to contact a new helpline where they can discuss the help they need. After an assessment, staff who have been trained to manage calls, will aim to make sure they receive the most appropriate support for their individual circumstances.

The service is available to adults in the Renfrewshire area, regardless of their gender, social group or location. Following a review of the pilot and depending upon demand, there is potential for the service to continue beyond the initial period to become a more permanent feature.

Cllr Jacqueline Cameron, Chair of the Renfrewshire Integration Joint Board, said: “During the COVID-19 pandemic, we know that more people and families than normal have sadly had to experience grief or loss. This comes in different forms, such as losing loved ones, or even the loss of freedoms, which previously helped maintain positive mental health and wellbeing. We aim, through this pilot, to make a bigger impact by working collaboratively to help those who are experiencing loss or grief at this time.

Jacki Smart, Chief Executive at Accord Hospice added: “This joined-up approach enables us to mobilise quickly and effectively, responding to the needs of local people.”

If you or somebody you know needs to get in touch with the Renfrewshire Bereavement Network, call the helpline number on 0800 038 6020 or email:

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