St. Vincent's Hospice Howwood CourtyardCommunity Nurse Specialists

What is a St Vincent's Community Nurse Specialist?

They are nurses who are specially trained to provide supportive care to people living with cancer and other life limiting conditions. They are also trained to support their carers.

How can the Community Nurse Specialist help?

Offer advice on pain relief, symptoms, your condition, and medication.

Provide emotional support to help you and your family cope with illness and treatment.

Help you to maximize your quality of life.

Liaise with and introduce you to the Hospice Team including Medical Staff, Physiotherapy, Day Hospice Service, OT or the Patient and Family Support Team.

Help you access information on home care services and finances.

How can you contact St Vincent's Community Nurse Specialists?

To make contact, ask your:


Hospital Doctor

Hospital Clinical Nurse Specialist                   

Clinic or Ward Nurse


Or get in touch with one of the team directly on 01505 705635.

The service is available Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm. Advice is available out of hours by contacting the telephone number above.

Click here to download our Community Nurse information leaflet